Raktherm Ultimate piping solutions. plumbing Reducing Tee Fittings. Delivery 2 to 3 business days.

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Raktherm Reducer Socket is a component used in piping fittings to join two different sizes of pipes in a plumbing system.

Raktherm Piping systems are used in Potable instoltions inside houses, high rise buildings, hotels, hospitals and virtually all types of commercial and residential building.

Factories with high-pressure water and compressed air circuits.

Rain drainage and collection systems

Piping networks for all types of irrigation and agriculture applications and pressurized networks

Piping networks for all types of industrial applications for delivery of aggressive chemicals including many acidic alkaline and other reactive and corrosive chemicals

Piping networks for all types of chilled water application and cooling systems network

Piping networks for heating installations from the boiler outlets or water heating unit up to the individual radiators or heat exchangers

This product is designed to withstand constant temperatures of up to 70 degrees Centigrade.

50 years warranty.

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Reducer Sizes

110/63mm, 110/75mm, 110/90mm, 25/20mm, 32/20mm, 32/25mm, 40/20mm, 40/25mm, 40/32mm, 50/20mm, 50/25mm, 50/32mm, 50/40mm, 63/20mm, 63/25mm, 63/32mm, 63/40mm, 63/50mm, 75/40mm, 75/50mm, 75/73mm, 90/50mm, 90/63mm, 90/75mm


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