Metrotile Shingle Roof Tiles


  • Metrotile Shingle Roof Tiles
  • Size – overall*  : 1345 x 295 mm
  • Delivery: 2-5 business days
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Metrotile is a manufacturer of lightweight and durable roof panels for residential or functional buildings.  The roofing components are made exclusively from high protected steel, covered with a wide range of finishes.

Key Features

Minimum pitch 16°
Maximum pitch 90°
Size – overall* 1345 x 295 mm
Size – cover* 1245 x 250 mm
Gauge of steel** 0,45 mm
Linear cover width* 1245 mm
Cover* 3,22 pc/m²
Cover of a panel* 0,31 m²
Weight per panel* 2,21 kg


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