Laminated 4ft by 8ft plywood (per sheet)


8 ft Plywood. Delivery 2 to 5 business days

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This laminated Plywood is manufactured by Orbit Wood and allied industries, an African Industries company based in Nigeria. They manufacture all grads and types of plywood making use of the best species of wood along with upgraded version of chemicals under the strict supervision of experienced technical personnel.

Ply is an engineered wood product made from three or more ‘plies’ or thin sheets of wood. These are glued together to form a thicker, flat sheet. The logs used to make plywood as a building material are prepared by steaming or dipping in hot water. They are then fed into a lathe machine, which peels the log into thin plies of wood. each ply is usually between 1 and 4 mm thick

Plywood has a huge range of used within the construction industry. Some of its most common uses are:

  • To make light partition or external walls
  • To make form work, or a mould for wet concrete
  • To make furniture, especially cupboards, kitchen cabinets, and office tables
  • As part of flooring systems
  • For packaging
  • To make light doors and shutters

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