Breco Satin Paint 20 Litres

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Breco Satin is a water-based paint that gives you an outstanding coating for that interior mid-sheen finishing you’ve always wanted. It is tough and washable. It is easy to apply and has superior opacity for excellent coverage and exceptional finish. Good opacity and strength; covers more surface area with one coat. To achieve a great finishing, it is advisable to first apply Breco Screeding Paint on the preferred surface

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Breco Paint Colours

African Mask BRP 120, Alibi BRP 011, Almond White BRP, Almost Apricot BRP, Almost Oyster, Alpine, Amazon, Antique Satin, Apple White, Apricot Crush, Apricot White, Ash Lilac, Autumn Light, Autumn Stone, Azure White, Bamboo, Barley White, Beeswax, Belgium Chocolare, Belle De Jour, Biscuit Beige, Black BRP, Blissfull Blue, Blossom White, Blue Babe, Blue Chalk, Blue Poppy, Blue Reaction, Blue Shingle, Blueberry White, Bone, Brick Red, Brown Sandstone, Buttercream, Buttermilk, Buttermilk 213, Buttersilk, Calabash, Cameo, Camp re, Casuarina, Celebration, Cherry Soda, Chinese Parasol, Chocolate, Classic Cream, Clouded Pearl, Clouded Violet, Coffee Liqueur, Connecticut Blue, Cookie Dough, Coral Flower, Corn eld, Corn ower Whit, Cornish Cream, Cornish Dawn, County Cream, Crazy Cream, Creamed Pumpkin, Cricket Ball, Crushed Berry, Daffodil White, Debutante, December Dawn, Del Sol, Delft China, Desert Light, Dusted Damson, Dusted Fondant, Eau de Nil, Egyptian Cotton, Eko Blue, Espresso Shot, Faux Fur, First Dawn, Fjord Blue, Flake Grey, Forest Lake 5, Forest Lake 6, Fresh Bud, Fresh Cream, Frosted Grey, Gardenia, Gentle Fawn, Gentle Lavender, Goldcup, Gossamer, Graphica Grey, Grey Fieldstone, Grey Velvet, Harmattan, Heavy Seas, Heirloom, Honeygold, Honeysuckle, Hopsack, Ice Blue, Iced Frappe, Intense Trufe, Irish Coffee, Irish Linen, Ivory, Ivory Lace, Jade White, Jasmine White, Jazz Blue, Just Walnut, Kelp, Lavender Haze, Leaf Dew, Lemon Pie, Lemon Tropics, Lemon Zest, Lost Lake, Lunar Grey, Magnolia, Malt Chocolate, Marine Grey, Mediterranean Blue, Mellow Brick, Mellow Mocha, Melon Sorbet, Merlin, Midnight, Mineral Mist, Mint Icing, Monarch, Moorland, Moorland Mist, Mud Hut, Muddy Puddle, Mulberry Burst, Mustard, Muted Ginger, National Green, Natural Calico, Natural Hessian, Natural Terracotta, Natural Wicker, Nude Glow, Ochre White, Off White, Orchid White, Overtly Olive, Oxford Blue, Pacic Blue, Pale Aloe, Pale Citrus, Pale Embers, Pale Ivory, Pale Morel, Palladian, Paradise Waters, Passion Flower, Pastel Green, Pearl Earing, Peppermint, Perfectly Taupe, Physalis, Poppy, Post Of ce Red, Potters Wheel, Prelude, Pretty Pink, Provencal White, Provencal Yellow, Pure Pine, Purely Shell, Putting Green, Rain Storm, Raspberry Bellini, Raspberry Diva, Redcurrant Glory, Regent Green, Rich Brown, Rich Chestnut, Richmond Green, Roasted Red, Rococo Blue, Rose Petal, Rose White, Ruby Starlet, Russet, Rustic Peach, Salix, Satin Bow, Sea Blue, Sea Storm, Sexy Pink, Shell, Sierra, Silver, Simply Pearl, Simply Pearl 220, Soft Apple, Soft Peach, Soft Stone, Soft Truf, Sorbet, Spicy Marmalade, Spindrift, Splash Blue, Spring Crocus, Strawberry n Cream, Subtle Sage, Sugared Lilac, Sunbaked Terracotta, Sunlight Yellow, Sunny Gee, Sunset Pink, Swansdown, Sweet Memory, Sweet Pink, Teal Tension, Timeless, Toasted Terracotta, Totally Cocoa, Totally Nutmeg, Trafalgar, True Terracotta, Tuscan Glade, Tuscan Terracotta, Twisted Bamboo, Urban Obsession, Vanilla Mist, Vesper Bell, Vintage Murano, Violet White, Warm Tea, Watercolour Green, Wellbeing, White Chiffon, White Cotton, White Mist, Wild Forest, Wild Primrose, Willow Balm, Willow Herb, Willow Tree, Windsor Blue


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