About Us

Buildersandthings.com.ng is an e-commerce/brick-and-mortar company specializing in the sales of building materials and home improvement products. The company was founded in 2016 to help eliminate the middleman between individuals and building material suppliers and manufacturers. This bridge gave our customers access to affordable pricing and quality products.

We are a distributor of varieties of products that range from cement, bricks, electrical, home appliances to finishing materials required to build and improve a home


Buildersandthing.com.ng’s mission statement is “to be an on-demand, one-stop platform for the sales of high-quality building and home improvement materials at competitive prices. We strive to deliver our products efficiently and timely to add value to customer needs and increase satisfaction. Our passion is to support home builders and homeowners in Africa


Over the years, our vision has evolved into something more. We focused on being the most well-known building material supplier online in the past, and now we know it is not very beneficial to our stakeholders.

Our current vision is to eliminate the home deficit and homelessness through the sales of building materials at below prevalent prices in Africa and becoming a household name while doing it.