It is usual to experience inability to come up with an exact estimate of your building cost as the process may seem daunting at first. This is even made more difficult especially for a first timer because the importance of having an estimate can not be overemphasized as the wrong estimate can mar the building project.

Here, on buildersandthings, we share smart ways to reduce the construction cost of your building projects.

  1. Simple Design

Its a known fact that having a custom design is great but yet it is very expensive. So, if you are looking to reduce the cost of construction, then it is advisable to to stay away from custom designs as a simple design is what you will need.

For example, you could opt for a small floor plan such as a rectangular or square layout. This will surely save you a lot of time and reduce the amount of money needed.
Also, you could reduce the number of rooms and bathroom in your building, this will consequently cut down on overall expenses as less building materials will be required.

  1. Select a Good Location

Selecting a good location is very important if you looking to cut down a lot of cost. Getting an affordable location is a great idea but this doesn’t mean you should do it without being careful.
Locations that are affordable and has strong likelihood of development is what you should aim for.
Never buy a land that the level is lower than the main road as this will require a lot of sand filling and which consequently means you spending more money.

  1. The Use of The Same Flooring and Painting Materials

Buying in bulk is another way of reducing cost, such that when you go for painting and flooring materials, try to use the same across the entire building.
Take for example, you can buy just two (2) colors of paints as opposed to buying 4-5 different colors which have varying cost. When you buy the 2 paints in bulk, it automatically reduces cost.

  1. Use Precast Technology

The use of precast technology is important in reducing cost for big building project such as building over 50 bungalows or more. The precast slabs serves as walls and are made and moved over to the site of the ongoing project where they are then put together.

  1. Getting The Building Materials

Here, the proximity of your building site to the location of acquiring the building materials is very essential to reducing cost.
For example, you can’t have your building site in Osun while you are getting your building materials from Kaduna.

Better still, you can opt for having all your building materials delivered to your site with ease by ordering online here. This way you cut costs by 12%.
Also, keep away from inferior building materials as they don’t usually last long.

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