As the popular saying goes ‘the way to a man’s heart is his stomach’. This can not be over emphasized as food is mostly important to every living creature. Therefore, the kitchen becomes the most important part of every household. From the women angle, the kitchen is the one place that they display their talent in a bid to please their men. A well designed and placed kitchen often gives that drive to want to cook.

In kitchen designing, you will need to have sophisticated kitchen items such as blender, toaster, gas cooker, electric deep fryer, dishwasher, oven, washing machine, refrigerator, etc, to bring out the gorgeous look which will in turn boost your cooking skills and make your kitchen work a pleasant experience.

Are you building a house or looking to acquire an apartment? Consider these 3 types of modern kitchen styles that you can adopt in Nigeria. Remember, these styles are not sorely determined by the sheer size of your kitchen. Whether big, medium or small, it will surely fit and bring out the desired beauty of your kitchen.

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  • U-Shaped Kitchen Style

The U-shaped kitchen style is stylish and characterized using three walls of the kitchen with the cabinet fitted to the walls. This style is mostly used by the upper class of the society because of its wide orientation and total use of luxury outfit. The placement of the cooking areas and the kitchen equipment are separated to allow free movement to and fro therefore enabling more convenience.

  • Single Line kitchen Style

This kitchen is tailored for small kitchens as it does not require big spaces. The single line kitchen is achieved by having the cooking area and kitchen equipment all arranged in a straight line. The kitchen utensils are also placed at arms reach in a way; this ensures free movement.

  • L-Shaped Kitchen Style

This style of kitchen is quite popular as it only uses two adjacent walls. For best practice when adopting this style of kitchen, isolate the sink and refrigerator from the cooking area. this style of kitchen is characterized by having the cupboard fitted to the wall which contains the cooking utensils and other cooking items. There is free flow of movement, a sizeable table and a couple of chairs that serves as a mini dining spot.

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