If you have always wanted to build your house on a small budget, then this article will guide you. Having to build a house on a small budget in Nigeria might seem impossible due to the high cost of most building materials, labor cost and other construction costs.  At buildersandthings.com.ng, we provide you this amazing tips to enable you build your dream home in Nigeria on your small budget.

  • Know Your Budget

In order to achieve the reality of building your house on a small budget, you must plan every detail. You will need to allocate the cash accordingly to the items for your house building project. Items to be included on the budget are building materials, the cost of land, fixtures and furniture, cost of labour, materials transportation and other service fees. Only purchase the building materials that are necessary in your budget.

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  • Keep It Minimal And Simple

Building a house on a small budget can be quite difficult. That is why, you have to keep the house small and simple to be able to fit properly into the budget. The bigger the house, the more money needed. During finishing, you can give a better finishing to few rooms like the bedroom or living room. You also don’t have to go for marble tiles on a small budget, instead go for cheaper options like ceramic tiles.

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  • Open Floor Plan

The fewer the walls, the less building materials required and thus, minimizing of cost. Using the open floor plan entails making connections between spaces seeming larger. Mind you, you will need a good design to achieve this from an architect.

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  • Keep Tabs On The building Process

keeping tabs on the building process is crucial to ensuring everything goes according to plan and budget. You do not want to incur extra costs during the building process.

  • Search for Deals On Fixtures/Furniture

When buying fixtures and furniture for your newly built home, you should apply wisdom. You might want to move in with your old fixtures and furniture, then after a while, you can change them when you can afford to. You can take note of the fixtures/furniture you need and then, go to the market or better yet, simply shiop online and look for great deals and discounts on the furniture that fits your budget.

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